The Eva Winer High School

Unity is the hallmark of our school culture, where young women from many different backgrounds have known each other since early childhood. Happiness doesn’t grow in a vacuum, but it does grow in our faculty’s galaxy of stars, where 30% of our teachers are also BY alumnae. Our students work hard, develop new strengths, and grow to fully understand that they are the future of the Jewish people.

Delving Deeper

We strive for depth and breadth in Tanach, but we also do so much more with focused  programs like Tzohar for tznius, Yesodos for hashkafa, our Eretz Yisroel Bee, and our Chayei Mishpacha Speaker Program.

Community Activism

We’re helping students get over homework humps, banishing loneliness from nursing homes, and providing well-earned respite to  families of children with special needs. 

Education with an Edge

A competitive advantage is in our future. We’re studying samples in a lab, delivering well-prepared debate points, and lobbying for change in Annapolis. Gaining sophisticated skills is part of our empowerment.

The Art of the Matter

Convention, Exhibit, and Production keep us lively on a 5-year cycle. With so many ways to shine, it’s almost impossible not to. We’re discovering creative talents and learning to collaborate with one another. The results make us and our families proud.

Teamwork? Check.

Rising to challenges together is our bread and butter. Shooting hoops or programming robotics, we are going above and beyond what we thought possible. Visit us at a siyum, class barbeque, or school Shabbaton and you’ll see the true meaning of school spirit.

Rabbi Zweig
Rabbi Yechezkel Zweig

Rabbi Yehoshua Shapiro
Associate Principal

Mrs. Brenda Willner
Limudei Kodesh Coordinator

Mrs. Elise Wolf
General Studies Principal

Mrs. Elisheva Shnidman
Supervisor, Learning Center

Mrs. Chayala Isbee
Guidance Counselor

Exhibit 2017 – Experience a virtual walk through that feels so real, it’s like being there.

This virtual walk through immerses the viewer in the larger than life Bais Yaakov of Baltimore exhibit that was open to the public in January 2017. The Exhibits have been presented to the public every four to five years and are a truly unique experience drawing thousands of visitors.

The Exhibit theme,”Eishes Chayil: Guardians of Our Glory- A Celebration of Women in Tanach,” movingly depicts the central role that our Imahos (matriarchs) and nevios (prophetesses) played in the development of our people. The Exhibit occupied an entire high school floor, encompassing eleven large classrooms and hallways.

Join us in celebrating our students success and enjoy their research and original artwork.