Our Gift Card Program supports the school’s budget while families make regular purchases of groceries, Amazon, gas, and the like. Each family is responsible for purchasing $7,500 using the Gift Card program throughout the year. The 2019-2020 school year cycle began for ALL parents on JULY 1, 2019 and will end June 30, 2020. 

There are two ways to fulfill your monetary obligation:

  1. Purchase gift cards: Gift cards to many major retailers, both online and in-store are available via the Bais Yaakov offices and other locations throughout town.
  2. Write your checks out to Bais Yaakov at the following select locations: Harris Auto, Shlomo’s Butcher Shop, Wasserman and Lemberger. This allows you to pay your bill with a check made out to Bais Yaakov. That amount will count towards your obligation as well. To receive credit, please be sure to write your Family School ID clearly on the memo line. (Your ID is noted in the top corner of your tuition contract or by calling our office)

At the end of the cycle, we will calculate the total spent of gift cards purchased and checks made out to Bais Yaakov at the establishments listed above.

  • If your total purchases equal less than $7,500, an invoice will be sent for 5% of the balance. The most you will be billed is $375.
  • If your total purchases equal more than $7,500, 1% of the overage will be credited to your tuition for the coming year.

Good News: Family and friends may help you reach your scrip obligation by them noting your family’s Bais Yaakov ID number when purchasing gift cards.

Additionally, you may take advantage of our well-loved Delivery Service. Place your order at by 2 PM Monday through Thursday and your order will be delivered to you the same night.

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