The Philip and Shirley Hurwitz Upper Elementary Division

The Bais Yaakov Upper Elementary Division is committed to providing excellence in education for all students in a warm, caring, and friendly environment. Students are challenged with a richly diversified curriculum in    Limudei Kodesh and  General Studies classes. Our caring faculty creates a nurturing atmosphere in which they model simchas hachayim (happiness of life) for our students.

Connecting with Hashem

Our girls develop a strong connection to Hashem through their understanding of the Shmona Esrei. They complete the entire Sefer Breishis and actualize the lessons of the Avos (Patriarchs) and Imahos (Matriarchs) by performing  acts of chessed and tzedaka and by developing  healthy social relationships with their peers.

Reading and Mathematics

In this final stage of Elementary School, our girls master reading skills.  Students acquire higher-order thinking skills in their reading groups and are taught to write beautifully structured paragraphs in a variety of genres. It is exciting to watch our girls dance down the halls chanting their newly mastered computation facts in the areas of multiplication, division, and the use of fractions.

Time to Perform

 The performing arts portion of our curriculum enables students at any academic level to succeed.  Self-confidence is built when our girls are given the opportunity to express themselves through art, song, dance, and drama.

Growing into Ourselves

Our moros instill middos tovos with riveting programs from the Chofetz Chaim Heritage Foundation’s Yesodei Halashon Program, and through our own school-wide program. Our school guidance counselors teach us about empathy, social awareness, and creating a culture of kindness in our students and their lives. Our girls graduate as proud Bnos Torah with the necessary foundation to excel in Middle School.

Upper Elementary

Rabbi Yochanon Stein

Mrs. Chaya Hoffman
Limudei Kodesh Coordinator

Mrs. Pnina Jacobovitz
General Studies Coordinator

Miss Penina Goldsein
Special Education Coordinator

Mrs. Rachell Tajerstein
Guidance Counselor

Mrs. Libby Kraft
Guidance Counselor